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Lynn Malaspino-Badel is the co-owner of Badel Consulting and has recently retired after 32 years of law enforcement experience.  Lynn originated her career at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and found her passion as a Detective in the Identity Theft/Hi-Tech Crimes unit.  Lynn has an extensive background in the area of Fraud crimes and Identity Theft.  Lynn has been deemed an expert in these fields by the California Superior Courts, United States Federal Courts and various courts throughout the country.  Lynn has testified on hundreds of occasions in these courts and has been qualified as an expert witness.

Lynn has investigated nation-wide high notoriety cases of Identity Theft and Fraud and has received several awards from various law enforcement agencies, private corporations, community organizations, merchants, and the California State, Office of the Attorney General. 

Lynn also has instructed on fraud related crimes and identity theft at the Federal Bureau of Investigations Academy, Quantico, Virginia;  conferences; workshops within the public and private sectors; and a wide range of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.  Lynn has worked extensively with a broad range of businesses in creating, developing, and implementing highly successful and proactive fraud prevention programs.  Lynn was instrumental in writing various legislative laws and penal codes sections along with testifying on the California Senate and Assembly floors along with the State’s Public Safety Committee.  Lynn has also conducted many news and media interviews and television documentaries including Dateline, CSNBC, ESPN, Fox News, CNN and completed a three-session profile through the British Broadcasting Channel on Identity Theft. 

Lynn retired from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department after 25 years when given the opportunity to take on the challenges as the Chief of the Special Investigations Bureau with the State Controller’s Office, State of California.  Lynn was hired by State of California, Controller Steve Westley in 2006 to reorganize the law enforcement entity of the State Controller’s Office. 

As a member of the Executive Office to the State Controller, Lynn was responsible for all aspects of this law enforcement office, including implementing policies and procedures, formulating organizational structure, management principles, leadership/team building, budgeting, personnel matters, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action objectives, and maintaining professional relations with various Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs throughout the State of California. 

The State Controller’s Office, Special Investigations Bureau was abolished in 2010 and Lynn remained with the State of California, prior to retiring in 2014. 

Lynn possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Management from the University of Cincinnati Ohio, UI&U, is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy, Quantico, Virginia, and is a graduate of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, Executive Development Course, Management Course, and Role of the Police Chief. 

Lynn is currently active in community and professional organizations.  Lynn is a current member and a previous Board Member of the California Peace Officers’ Association, a past President of the California Financial Crime Investigator’s Association, and a member of the FBI National Academy Associates.

Lynn is a former consultant with the San Francisco based law firm of Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai, and conducted investigations regarding allegations of workplace misconduct for the firm's clients. 

Lynn is married to JP Badel, and they currently work as co-owners at Badel Consulting.   Lynn and JP are committed to providing their clients with a thorough and complete investigation based on professionalism, ethics, morals, and integrity.

Lynn Malaspino-Badel



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